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Beginner DSLR / Mirrorless Class for Teens

Prerequisite: None

This is a Beginner, "Get OFF of Auto" bootcamp class designed for teenagers. Looking for a slower paced class? See the Beginner DSLR / Mirrorless + Get OFF of Auto in the Adult Classes Section

  • Basic camera care and rules (basic camera functions, learning how to adjust the diopter, etc.)
  • The basics of image resolution, processing and compression (JPG vs.RAW). What you should select based on YOUR shooting style.
  • Filters: What choices are important? We'll cover the basics.
  • Achieving focus (macro to ¥ ) with auto-focus, single and multi-point focus options (and manual focus!)
  • ISO Speeds
  • Shutter Speeds
  • Aperture sizes
  • HOW the 3 important items listed above work TOGETHER so YOU can control the light!
  • How to choose the right combination of the three to get proper exposure!
  • Manual mode (introduced)
  • Using the "P", Shutter Priority, & Aperture Priority (and any others) on your dial
  • Depth of Field & it's relationship with "Aperture"
  • Determining f numbers & how it effects Depth of Field
  • How the exposure meter works on your camera & tips to getting the correct exposure by using Exposure Compensation & the Histogram (& other tips)
  • White balance. What is it? Why is it important?... and what choices do I have?
  • Additional Camera features; such as "Continuous shooting" and working with the menu, shortcut buttons and special features of YOUR camera.
  • Improve your composition when taking pictures (and learn the "Rule of Thirds" - Time permitting)
  • Information about the manufacturer of YOUR camera (includes tips on how to deal with the customer service department of your camera while in OR out of warranty.
  • Answers to your questions about future camera equipment purchases.
  • Many other Professional Photographer secrets, short cuts & tips!
  • A custom-designed booklet (& camera cheatsheet) that reinforces what you learned.


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