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Born and raised in Southern California, Kevin discovered his love of photography when he first picked up his parents' 35mm SLR camera as a young teenager.

After taking photography classes in high school and improving his skills behind the camera, he won several contests. It was then he decided to attend Cypress College because of their renowned Photography Program. During his training there, Kevin landed a job with a local newspaper working up the ranks to become their lead photojournalist; spending many hours shooting and perfecting his skills in the darkroom.

Photographer Kevin Brian Toohey

Upon graduation from Cypress College he decided to further his passion at Cal State Fullerton. Graduating two years later with a B.A., he then joined the Orange County Register Newspaper as a photojournalist mainly shooting sporting events.

After several successful years working for the O.C. Register, Kevin decided to follow in his father's footsteps and become a school teacher. He earned his California State Teaching Credential at Cal Poly Pomona and taught in local public schools for over 15 years. During this time he built his professional photography business which includes weddings, events, fashion, and corporate photography. Since 1998 Kevin has devoted 100% of his time to his photography business, which also includes teaching photography to all age groups & knowledge levels.

Let Kevin's talent and enthusiastic teaching style help you learn more about Photography!


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