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Beginner DSLR / Mirrorless + Get OFF of Auto Class

Prerequisite: A desire to learn the most important "technical" features of your camera!

Looking for a more advanced class? See the Intermediate / Refresher DSLR / Class
Looking for a non-technical, introductory, newbie class?
Join the 50+ Adult Class!

Basic camera care and rules (scrolling through the menu, using the short-cut buttons, basic camera functions, the proper method of changing lenses & keeping everything clean, formatting the memory cards, adjusting the diopter, keeping the camera stable with or without a tripod, etc.)

  • Learning what the numbers mean on the lenses
  • The basics of Focal Length & why it is so important
  • Filter basics
  • Optical viewfinder vs Live View Shooting!
  • Basics of the exposure meter
  • Introduction of the exposure triangle & the mode dial ("Auto", "Scenes", "P", etc.)
  • ISO Speeds (Introduced)
  • Shutter Speeds (Introduced)
  • Aperture sizes / F stops (Introduced)
  • Capturing an image that isn't too dark or too light (Exposure compensation)
  • Capturing an image that isn't too dark or too light while using your FLASH (Flash exposure compensation)
  • Special features of YOUR camera
  • Assignments to practice during the class
  • A custom-designed booklet (& camera cheatsheet) that reinforces what you learned

you will also learn:

  • Focus basics (macro to ¥ ) in the auto-focus mode, single and multi-point focus (and manual)
  • White balance. Get the correct colors on your images
  • "Exposure Triangle" (demonstrated, reviewed & practiced)
  • Using the Auto, "P", Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority modes (and others) more in depth
  • Manual mode (introduced)
  • When, why & how to change your shutter speeds & ISO
  • Depth of Field & it's relationship with "Aperture"
  • Determining f numbers & how it effects Depth of Field
  • Capture amazing pictures with blurry backgrounds by using the above information!
  • Setting the "Drive" or "Release" mode properly (continuous shooting, self timer, etc.)
  • The basics of image resolution (JPG vs. RAW). What you should select based on YOUR shooting style.
  • More of your camera features (time permitting)
  • Improve your composition when taking pictures (time permitting)
  • Answers to your questions about future camera equipment purchases.
  • Many other Professional Photographer secrets, short cuts & tips!

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