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DSLR / Mirrorless) - Outdoor Portraiture Class

Prerequisite: Beginner DSLR / Mirrorless + Get OFF of Auto Class (or adequate knowledge of items listed in the Beginner Class outline).
Intermediate / Refresher DSLR / Mirrorless Class is also recommended.

Photograph Live Models! Step-by-step demonstrations & tips to capture great headshots, High School Seniors & people in general.

  • How to choose the best locations & backgrounds
  • Advice on how to use natural reflectors & "see" light
  • Keeping viewers interest, while keeping distractions OUT of the image.
  • Choosing LIGHT & DARK parts of a scene (& what to watch out for!)~ Basic posing techniques & getting great facial expressions
  • Using correct camera settings
  • Using the correct lens & lens settings
  • Tips on focusing ( "recomposing", adjusting focusing points, using manual focus, etc..)
  • Using DOF (Depth Of Field) & selective focus to your advantage
  • Guidance on managing white balance, color tone & intensity
  • Tips on when to use an inexpensive & easy-to-carry reflector
  • Deciding when to use your speedlight or "pop-up" flash
  • Practice using your flash to get nice "fill" lighting
  • Using an external "on-camera" flash easily outdoors
  • A custom designed, step-by-step portraiture "flow chart" for you to take home!

** This is a "Free-Form" Class. It is less structured than my "Beginner / Starter Class". The outline above is only used as a guide. I will be demonstrating & giving tips as you shoot.

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