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Capture Amazing Landscape Images Class

Prerequisites: Beginner DSLR / Mirrorless + Get OFF of Auto Class (or basic knowledge of items listed in the Beginner Class outline).

Any type of digital camera.

The main emphasis of the class will be to learn MORE about your camera by shooting flowers, landscapes, "sky"scapes & countryside-type imagery.

  • Q & A's about your camera & the proper settings
  • How to choose locations, subject matter & better angles
  • Composition tips and the rule of thirds
  • Paying attention to curves & lines in a scene
  • Keeping distractions OUT of a photograph
  • Choosing LIGHT & DARK parts of a scene (& what to watch out for!)
  • Using DOF (Depth Of Field) to your advantage
  • Practice using exposure compensation (on the auto or semi-auto modes)
  • Review of the settings on your camera to help you manage, "white balance", color tone & intensity
  • Tripod usage & tips
  • Advice & practice using circular polarizer and neutral density filters to give greater impact to your images
  • Guidance on focusing

and if time permits:

  • Capturing great pictures while shooting into the sun
  • Shooting close ups in the Macro mode
  • Late in the lesson; tips on shooting in lower light to NOT get blurry pictures!
  • AND more, as the questions can lead to a LOT more fun stuff!

** This will be "Free-Form" Class. This is less structured than my "Beginner / Starter Class". The outline above is only used as a guide. I will be giving demonstrations & tips as you shoot.

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