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Advanced DSLR / Mirrorless Class

Prerequisite: Beginner DSLR / Mirrorless + Get OFF of Auto Class and Intermediate / Refresher DSLR / Mirrorless Class or good knowledge of your camera

Review & practice with:

  • Various methods of achieving proper focus
  • Selectively focusing on subjects to get a shallow depth of field (get an amazing bokeh with any lens!)
  • Shooting in different modes & when to use each
  • Using the Histogram to help you capture better images

Learning and practicing:

  • Using different metering modes
  • Back-button focusing
  • Shooting in tough conditions (low light, fast moving subjects, contrasty areas, backlit scenes, into the sun, etc...)
  • More accurate and specific white balance techniques
  • Using your speedlight or on-camera flash
  • Training yourself to be creative and use the full capabilities of your lenses.
  • Advanced use of filters
  • Capturing amazing black & white images
  • Assignments to practice during the class

** This will be "Free-Form" Class. The outline above is only used as a guide. I will be teaching & giving tips as you shoot.

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