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Workshop 3
Refresher / Intermediate DSLR

Prerequisite: Beginner DSLR / Mirrorless
(or some knowledge of items listed in the Beginner DSLR outline)

Digging deeper into the menu of YOUR camera. More walking & shooting than the beginner classes. Learn, review & practice:

  • Capturing the effect you want!
  • Achieving focus (macro to ¥ ) in the Auto-focus mode, single and multi-point focus (& manual).
  • The technique of "Recomposing" is introduced & practiced
  • Using Exposure Compensation & White Balance settings
  • Using the "P", Shutter Priority & Aperture Priority modes (& others) on your mode dial in depth
  • ISO Speeds (get the right setting to improve the quality of your images!)
  • Shutter Speeds (control the motion in your image!)
  • Aperture settings (control your depth of field!)
  • Using the exposure triangle properly so YOU can take command of the light & capture great images
  • Depth of Field & it's relationship with "Aperture"
  • Learn which AF settings to use depending on your "Drive" settings.
  • Additional camera features; such as "Meter Mode", "Lighting Optimizer", "Picture Style" or "Picture Control", "Highlight Tone Alert", and others!
  • Improving your composition when taking pictures (& learn the the "Rule of Thirds")
  • Many other Professional Photographer secrets, short cuts & tips!
  • Q & A's about your camera & help you solve past failures
  • Assignments to practice during the class

** This will be "Free-Form" workshop. The outline above is only used as a guide. I will be teaching & giving tips as you shoot.

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