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Workshop 20C
Pocket/Point-and-shoot digital camera

Prerequisite: Workshop 20A and 20B, or knowledge of items covered in these classes.

For the more advanced student who wants to learn the full potential of their compact, non-interchangeable lens digital camera!

  • Short review of what was covered in Class 20a & 20b
  • Utilizing the accessories available to you to get better images
  • Jpeg choices (& RAW where applicable)
  • Learn your camera's meter & different metering modes
  • Using the "Info" or "Disp" buttons along with the histogram to get great pictures
  • Using "Picture Style" or "Picture Control" properly (where applicable)
  • Using the more advanced features of your camera (take your camera OFF the automatic settings!)
  • Customize your camera's settings to suit YOUR needs
  • Composition tips and practice
  • Using the "single" & "continuous" shot settings
  • Capturing more creative portraits
  • Shooting in challenging lighting conditions
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