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Workshop 11
Master the Manual Mode (DSLR)

Prerequisite: Beginner Class
(or adequate knowledge of items listed in the Beginner Class outline).
Workshop #3 also suggested.

The main emphasis of the class will be to learn MORE about your cameras metering system to make certain you get properly exposed images quickly & accurately.

  • Reviewing the exposure triangle & your metering choices
  • Review the Q&A's of using the Program, Shutter Priority, and Aperture Priority modes + Exposure Compensation.
  • "Assignments" along the way to help you capture challenging subject matter
  • THOROUGHLY learn how to shoot in the manual mode & making metering adjustments FAST (while photographing moving objects/ scenery/ low light/ sunny/ etc...)
  • Tips & practice shooting in lower light to NOT get blurry pictures!
  • Change your settings to introduce blur & movement and create artistic pictures in any type of light!
  • Manual adjustments to quickly get beautiful bokeh (background blur) when shooting portraits!
  • Review of the settings and a LOT of hands-on practice
  • Basic tips and review on focusing (recomposing, adjusting focusing points, etc.)
  • Choosing the correct AF mode depending on which "Drive" setting you use (to insure proper focusing!)
  • AND more; as the questions can lead to a LOT more fun stuff!

** This will be "Free-Form" workshop. It is less structured than my "Beginner / Starter class". The outline above is only used as a guide. I will be giving demonstrations & giving tips as you shoot.

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