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Beginner Digital Camera Photo Walk Class

A non-technical, introductory class for the digital camera user.
Learn the basics of your camera at a beautiful location
while getting a little exercise & taking pictures. Have fun and meet others who enjoy photography!

Prerequisite: None, any type of digital camera

  • Important digital photography and camera tips
  • Navigating through the menu & using the short-cut buttons
  • Q & A's about your camera & it's unique features
  • Using your cameras lens to its fullest (from wide angle to telephoto and in between!)
  • Guidance and practice with auto focusing techniques
  • How to choose locations, subject matter and better angles
  • Composition tips and the rule of thirds
  • Steps to take in order to get a great image (& what distractions to KEEP out of your image!)
  • Capturing an image that isn't too dark or too light
  • Learn the automatic "scene" modes and other features of your camera!
  • Practice taking great pictures at a beautiful location while getting a little exercise
  • More Q & A's about your camera and digital photography
  • Answers to your questions about future camera equipment purchases.
  • A custom-designed worksheet for you to take home

** This will be "Free-Form" workshop. The outline above is only used as a guide. I will be conducting demonstrations, teaching & giving tips as you shoot.

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